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Giving you peace of mind and time that you didn't have to begin with. 


Kari Christenson, Owner of Relic Road Kari Christenson, Owner

The first time you are responsible for cleaning out a room full of stuff you realize how overwhelming it can be to part with material things that bring up memories. Sometimes the memories are happy, sometimes sad or nostalgic, and often emotional hijacks happen along the way that can prevent us from getting rid of the clutter that overwhelms. We’ve been there and we can help!  

My name is Kari Christenson and I started Relic Road Junk & Vintage after experiencing those same emotions when I lost 3 of my grandparents all within a relatively short time. I spent much of my career working at an area health system and had the privilege of assisting many families with the journey of aging and grief over the years.  When it was my own grief however, I kept things that I thought would remind me what my Grandma cooked like, smelled like, and hugged like. Truth was, that jello mold was never going to get used. I can’t cook a lick! I’ve never made a successful bowl of jello in my life! It was then that I realized that our stuff does not define us- our families will have memories and stories to carry on for years, but sometimes we just need a guide to help us sort through the mental and physical clutter.  So Relic Road was born!  

We've been antique dealers for over 20 years and own a store called Gasoline Alley Toys and Antiques in Onalaska, Wisconsin. In 2018, we expanded our business to offer estate sales and to do something I and my staff truly enjoy- helping other families sort through their history. Our team is made up of a great group of folks with a wealth of specialty area knowledge who like to help. They are remarkable trustworthy humans that will care for your belongings like their own. We want you to be pleased with our services and look forward to hearing how we can help! 

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