Relic Road Junk and Vintage

What We Do

Giving you peace of mind and time that you didn't have to begin with. 

Liquidating assets is a major undertaking, but we have it down to a compassionate science! Our job is to help families along their journey of downsizing, settling an estate, appraising the value of a household or cleaning out a property while making it as stress free as possible. 

Relic Road is a local family run business that offers nursing home/assisted living/home clean-out services, haul away, appraisal, auction or sale coordination within 35 miles of La Crosse, Wisconsin including; Onalaska, West Salem, Holmen, Coon Valley, Stoddard. In Minnesota our service area includes Hokah, Dresbach, Dakota  & La Crescent.

Our team thoroughly evaluates each piece of paper, box, folder and drawer to make sure your family photos, insurance policies, any money and important documents are safely in your hands while assessing value of items. We have vast experience in a wide variety of subject areas ranging from household goods and furniture to jewelry and antiques. Further, we have licensed experts on our team in areas such as firearms, hunting and fishing, as well as vehicle and real estate sales. When you hire Relic Road, you are not just hiring one person that knows a little about a lot of things. You are a getting an entire team of experienced and licensed professionals, with dozens of years of experience- all at your disposal to successfully appraise or liquidate your property!  


Our Services

Junk In Your Trunk Estate Sales

In Home and Off Site Estate Sales

As enthusiastic junkers ourselves, we value a good deal and finding your treasures a new home. We’ll sort it, price it, and advertise the heck out of your sale, maximizing your profit and removing all the personal property from the home. We do everything from start to finish so you get back the time you didn’t have to begin with! This process usually takes about 3 weeks. Our specially trained team will unpack, stage, research, price and prepare your property for maximum profit. We are paid on percentage of sales which can vary from 30-50% based on a variety of factors: whether a sale is held at your location or ours, physical layout of the home, cleanliness, and volume/value of items to sell. We can provide a free estimate of costs when we meet for a consultation after seeing what you would like to sell. 

personal property appraisals probate divorce


With our years of estate and antique sales experience, we do perform personal property appraisals as often required by the courts for probate and divorce proceedings. We charge a flat fee for this service, dependent on the square footage of the property. Small to medium sized homes (1500 sq ft) require a $500 fee and large homes (1600 sq ft and up) or properties with several outbuildings require a $750 fee.  If you are looking to just have a few items appraised, we can do that as well at our shop for a $10/per item. Please give us a call to discuss your needs. 

Take It Away Sam

The Take It Away Sam!

We remove all furniture, paper, personal belongings and leave behind only an empty house! The fastest and easiest option for you. We can usually accomplish a haul away within 3-4 days and fees range between $1,000-$5,000.

From one of our satisfied clients:
"Oh my gosh thank you so much! I can't believe you did it! I can't tell you how grateful I am for cleaning out my mom's house! You are my angel!"  -Theresa, Hokah, MN


Auction Powers

Auction Powers

For those who wish to sell the home, cars, farm equipment, etc. all in one swoop we can help! We search for important family photos & documents to keep them out of the auction and in your family's hands and then coordinate an auction. We have the ability to provide online or in person auctions and can outline the risks and rewards of each to help you make the best decision.   




Which option should you choose? What should you do?

First thing to do: call us! We can discuss a variety of options with you and are happy to provide a free consultation.


Then you can help by doing the following things:

-Make sure you and your family have removed everything you wish to keep from the home prior to your estate sale company starting their work.


-Tell people you know how great the sale will be and the dates of your sale!


-Tell your neighbors who we are and what we are doing there. We are a business and are not there to gossip about your family, as you as our client are our number one priority! We will be polite, but visits from neighbors to inquire about things as we work often interferes with our ability to efficiently and effectively get you top dollar for your items.


-Understand that we may sell some of your items prior to sale publication and advertising in order to best do our job. Examples of this include homes where rooms are small and furniture is pre-sold to allow for safe movement in the home, selling items on eBay rather than locally, to specific buyers or jewelry stores. This is always done with the client's best interest in mind.


-Empty all refrigerators and freezers completely or advise us if you need us to do so. 5 year old frozen chicken is no one's friend!


-Do remove all food from kitchen cupboards. If it is new and still sealed, we can sell it. If not, it can be thrown away.


-Continue to have lawn mowed, snow shoveled, and trash picked up until after your sale.


-If you know the realtor that will be selling your home, please tell us and have them provide business cards as we often get asked and this may help sell your home! However, we ask that your realtor not actively list/show the home until our work is completed. If your timeline is such that you cannot wait for this, it may be in your best interest to have an offsite sale. 


-Understand that it takes approximately 200 hours of labor to adequately prepare and run a successful estate sale.


-Understand that dates of your sale may change from originally planned due to weather or competing community events or sales, as we want you to have the best possible turnout for your sale.


-Understand that three weeks minimum is required for preparation of your sale.


Understand that we price items in a range where we know they have the best chance to sell. This will often be significantly less than you paid for the item, but our number one goal is to provide you with an empty home.


-Expect that cleanup of the property and removal of remaining items may take up to 1 week after the sale.


-Expect that removal of large items that do not sell may incur extra expenses.


-Call us if you have any questions!

We recommend that you do not:

-Get a dumpster and throw things away. Often families throw away items that will sell at a sale believing it is junk. We can do that for you and sort as we prepare. One man's trash is another's treasure!


-Spend days sorting paperwork- we will have to sort through the home anyway and can confidentially destroy paperwork containing your information and will set aside items for you that will be needed for taxes, the estate, memories or medical care.


-Allow friends, family and neighbors to gain early entrance to the sale. They should plan to come to the sale on the advertised dates like the general public as this will hurt your overall sale proceeds if allowed, as other buyers will assume it is “picked over”.


-Worry about disposal of chemicals and other specific items. We will take care of it legally and within state and local regulations.


-Shut off power, water, air conditioning or heat until after the sale.


-Throw away cardboard boxes, plastic bags, newspapers, etc. prior to the sale- we never seem to have enough for sale day so please leave them and we’ll use them.


-We advise that clients and family do not attend their sale, as this can be emotional and difficult for the family.


-Expect that large items such as freezers, couches, or furniture that were built in place will physically fit through doorways or hallways. Sometimes these items cannot be removed without risk of destruction of property which we will not do. Please advise us of these difficulties if you know them. We do not wish to damage your home in the process of removal so those items may be your responsibility to have moved outside if we cannot see a way to safely remove them.


This list of helpful tips is drawn from our years of experience, and may not be applicable to every situation. It is provided as a way for you to know what to expect because we understand that this can be daunting and overwhelming to know where to start. That is why we are here to help along the way! You should be able to count on your estate professionals to make your experience as stress free as possible.