Relic Road Junk and Vintage

What We Do

Giving you peace of mind and time that you didn't have to begin with. 


Our job is to help families uncover history and memories that they didn't even know were there.   

Relic Road is a family run business that offers full clean-out services, haul away, auction or sale coordination within 35 miles of La Crosse, Wisconsin including; Onalaska, West Salem, Holmen, Coon Valley, Stoddard. In Minnesota our service area includes Hokah, Dresbach, Dakota  & La Crescent.

We will take the time to go through each piece of paper, box, folder and drawer to make sure your family photos, insurance policies and important documents are safely in your hands. When we are done, your property will be clean and ready to sell! Best of all, we do this all within a couple of days!


Our Services

Junk In Your Trunk Estate Sales

In Home Estate Sales

As enthusiastic junkers ourselves, we value a good deal and finding your treasures a new home. We’ll sort it, price it, and advertise the heck out of your sale, maximizing your profit and removing all the personal property from the home. We do everything from start to finish so you get back the time you didn’t have to begin with! This process usually takes about 2-3 weeks. We are paid on percentage of sales which can vary from 30-50% based on a variety of factors: location of the home, physical layout of the home, cleanliness, and volume/value of items to sell. We can provide a free estimate of costs when we meet for a consultation after seeing what you would like to sell. 

Ma Grab the Valuables

Off Site Estate Sales

A unique combo of several options for those who are in a hurry but want to maximize profit. We pack it all up and haul it to our estate sale facility in Onalaska.  We hold the estate sale there, and then recycle, donate and dispose of the rest and provide you with donation receipts. This option helps you to get your house on the market quickly and cuts down on the wear and tear to the property. We are paid on a percentage of sales for Off Site Sales as well and charge 50% of the total gross sales proceeds.  This is a great option for our rural clients, since the 1,000+ people on our mailing list are more likely to attend a sale in Onalaska than in a hard to find rural area, which increases your profits! 

Take It Away Sam

The Take It Away Sam!

We remove all furniture, paper, personal belongings and leave behind only a clean house! The fastest and easiest option for you. We can usually accomplish a haul away within 3-4 days and fees range between $1,000-$5,000.

From one of our satisfied clients:
"Oh my gosh thank you so much! I can't believe you did it! I can't tell you how grateful I am for cleaning out my mom's house! You are my angel!"  -Theresa, Hokah, MN


Auction Powers

Auction Powers

For those who really love the idea of holding an auction and wish to sell the home, cars, farm equipment, etc. all in one swoop. We search for important family photos & documents, to keep them out of the auction and in your family's hands and then host an auction. You keep the proceeds of the auction after expenses.