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Downsizing sale of Mrs. Barbara Leinfelder

Sign up for this event starts 06/12/2020.

Friday, June 19th from 5pm - 9pm
Saturday, June 20th from 9am - Noon
Sunday, June 21st from 9am - Noon

Location: N5539 Penney Lane, 1 block before Hwy 35/OT intersection Onalaska WI 54650-9262

Relic Road Junk & Vintage presents the downsizing sale of

Barbara Leinfelder

Location: The Garage @ Relic Road

N5539 Penney Lane, Onalaska

One block South of the Hwy 35/OT stoplights

NEW FORMAT FOR ENTRY! Please read below and reach out with questions to or (608) 615-7751


Friday, JUNE 19th from 5pm-9pm

15 people allowed in per 30 min time slot to allow for social distancing. You must sign up ahead of the sale to enter Friday night. Sign up goes live on our website June 12th at 12:01am for Friday night entry. After signing up at, you will receive an email with additional details including your time slot. Please call if you do not receive the email as you will be missing important info.  If your number is within the range below you can enter the sale anytime within that 1/2 hr time slot.

5:00pm - 5:30pm  Numbers 1-15

5:30pm - 6:00pm  Numbers 16-30

6:00pm - 6:30pm  Numbers 31-45

6:30pm - 7:00pm  Numbers 46-60

7:00pm - 7:30pm  Numbers 61-75

7:30pm - 8:00pm  Numbers 76-100

8:00pm - 8:30pm  Numbers 101-115

8:30pm - 9:00pm  Numbers 116-130


saturday, June 20th from 9am - 12pm

Will follow a “line up” format, no need to sign up and everything will be 50% off!


Sunday, june 21st from 9am - 12pm

Will follow a “line up” format, no need to sign up, and introduce a new “bring a bag” option for $5.00

We don’t care what size bag you bring, you can fill it for ONLY $5 BUCKS!!!


Mrs. Leinfelder has downsized and her sale contains some beautiful pieces, all from a very clean smoke and pet free home. In this sale you will find:  Wall art, picture frames, bedding, blankets, towels and rugs, plant stands and occasional side tables, stools, office chairs, office supplies, a printer, tablecloths, dishes, glassware, baking & cooking items, garden pots and décor, faux flowers & plants, patio chairs, candles, local beer (Old Style, Peerless) and bar items, a few tools, a leaf vacuum/blower, CDs, luggage and more! You will also find a very large M&M Collection at this sale- everything from dispensers to figures to stuff you didn’t know M&M even made! Vintage Fisher Price toys, vintage Disney and Hot Wheels. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


We care a great deal about your health and that of our staff, so please use common sense and stay home if you are sick just like we would. If you are healthy and come to our sale, please respect that others may not want you within their personal space and allow them that courtesy to social distance because it's just the polite thing to do. Wear a mask if you feel the need, and our staff will do the same if they do, so understand that not everyone you come in contact with will have a mask on. If you are uncomfortable with that, or have a weaker immune system, it may be best for you to avoid venturing out to this sale.  We will have hand wipes and sanitizer available for ya! 


Well, we really don't know. We are doing the best we can to figure life out in an epidemic world just like you are. So come prepared to wait in line because that is the new normal, we'll get you in as fast as we can, and while you wait there will be free Girl Scout cookies and lemonade to make the wait a little sweeter!


Nope, we mark things low and to move, and consider all prices "no haggle pricing". When you ask us to haggle even though you just read this here, it just slows the line down for the people behind you. So please be kind and know that we work very hard in hot or cold and sometimes icky environments to bring you prices that are fair,  making very little profit for doing it- but still love bringing you bargains! 


You will get an email after you visit our website and sign up, once sign up opens on the 12th.  If you don't get the email check your spam or junk folder and if you still don't have it, call us at (608) 615-7751.


 How do our estate sales work? Well, right now a lot of that is out the window due to Coronavirus.  So please read the special statement above and follow along on our Facebook page for updates.

Normally, on the first day of the sale, we welcome those who signed up for early entry into the sale first. Sign up is available on our website starting one week prior to the sale and closes the night before the sale at midnight. Entry numbers are provided on a first to sign up, first serve basis. Signing up and obtaining a number means you do not have to stand in line, but you do need to be present on the day of sale when your number is called or you will have to wait in line to gain entry.  To sign up, you need to provide an email address and our website will send you an email with your entry number. Sign up for one person at a time, as numbers are good for one individual only. By signing up, you are granting Relic Road the ability to email you sale information. Be sure to check your spam or junk folder if you do not receive the email, that's usually where it is! If you are not concerned with being among the first few to enter the sale, we welcome you to just show up any time during the posted sale hours. We do reserve the right to limit numbers of individuals in the home at one time to improve your shopping experience, so at busy times there may be a short wait. 

The first day of our sale prices are firm, so if there is something you are really hoping to find that is your best bet! On the second day, we discount almost everything 50% off your total purchase! You can find some great deals!