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Have a household full of junk? We can haul away, sell, donate, and recycle! Whether you need an estate sale, auction or entire household cleanout, we will take the time to go through each box, folder, or drawer to make sure your valuable items end up in your hands, not someone else's. Before you know it, your property will be cleaned out and ready for the next step! With our experienced staff, we are able to accomplish all of this quickly and at a minimum cost to you. To further maximum convenience to our clients, we also offer household estate buy outs and off-site estate sales at our facility.

Before you call for a dumpster- call Kari at Relic Road to reduce your stress and decrease your expenses!


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Kari Christenson, Owner of Relic Road Kari Christenson, Owner

We've Been There!

Sorting through our grandparents homes, finding family history we didn’t know existed. Having auctioneers sell off boxes of our family photos. Wishing we would have known the story behind that love letter we discovered and just about threw away. We know it can be overwhelming and daunting to sort through stuff, especially if a quick sale of the home needs to happen. Let us help you. We will take the time to make sure your family history is not thrown away or sold for pennies on the dollar.

We are different from other estate sale or auction companies because we work with the families we serve to understand what is important to them, and then we make it happen! We will go through each piece of paper, box, folder and drawer to make sure your family photos, insurance policies and important documents are safely in your hands.

When we are done, your property will be clean and ready to sell - all of this within a couple of days!

Looking forward to helping you move your relics down the road!


Estate Sales

Estate Sales

We give families peace of mind by minimizing stress of an estate sale and maximizing return

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Household Cleanout

Moving to a smaller home or warmer weather? Don’t want to take all the extra stuff with you? Wondering where everything came from and trying to organize your junk?

We'd love to help!

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